Cary Kish - Coaching & Consulting

Why Work With Cary?

Cary Kish“Cary has helped me develop good habits and rituals that have in turn set me up for long-term success.”

-        Steve P., Alberta, Canada.

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I can help you when…

  • You have been trying to make changes in your life but struggle to get results you desire.
  • You want to improve your self confidence.
  • Your current goals are not in alignment with your current actions.
  • You want more balance and fulfillment in your life.
  • You want to enhance your current relationships.
  • You are searching for more intimacy and have a desire to feel more connected.
  • You feel stuck.
  • You have something you are struggling to let go of.
  • You want to be healthy and feel alive.
  • You desire to be happy and feel peace.
  • You have a project or issue that requires clarity and focus.
  • You have a goal and want an ally in your corner to help you achieve it.
  • You are ready to take action and change your life, but don’t know how to start. 


I can deliver outstanding results in your life through…

  • Fuelling your desire to take action and see changes in your life.
  • Creating powerful connections that support incredible transformation.
  • My belief that you are capable of more than you can imagine.
  • Utilizing my life experience and ongoing passion for education, growth and serving others.
  • Providing a safe, judgement-free environment to share and express your thoughts and feelings.
  • Being real with you.  Telling you what you need to hear - when you need to hear it.