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Client References & Testimonials

Kerry C., Kelowna, British Columbia, CAN.

Craig K., Lethbridge, Alberta, CAN.  

When a friend suggested signing up for Cary’s Thriving Single Mother’s group, I thought what do I have to lose. I was skeptical, hurting, and wasn’t sure the twelve week course was going to be worth my time and energy.
Cary’s openness, and honesty had me hooked after week one. His enthusiasm and knowledge on single parenting, and on changing your mindset to attract positive changed me for the better.
I am walking away twelve weeks later a stronger, happier, and healthier person. And the best part is I have a new lifelong friend in Cary.
If you ever have the chance to join his sessions on single parenting, follow his talks online, or connect for one on one coaching, you will not be disappointed.
Kirsten S., Edmonton, Alberta, CAN.

When I was first put on to Cary, I was if not “skeptical”, at least un sure of how a coach could possibly help me?!? I knew I needed a lot of things, a lawyer, a friend, a doctor perhaps? But 10 weeks into working with Cary I realize who I most needed help from is myself.
Cary not only encourages me to be the best me I can be, but helps pull the strength, faith, and positivity out of me making me the best single father I can be as well 😀💪🙏 I’m not as good at inspirational quotes as him but here’s one from Shania Twain... “Up up up I’m only going up from here” ( something like that)lol.
Thank you from the depths of my soul 🤜🏼🤛🏻
Craig K., Lethbridge, Alberta, CAN.  

Cary Kish is an extraordinary coach with a long list of reasons why. My experience as a single mom in the Thriving Single Parents group has been simply life changing.
Cary not only brings precious life experience, knowledge, skill, practical wisdom, keen intuition and massive encouragement into the lives of those he serves but he does it with incredible passion and heart. He really really cares about your very best, will believe in you every step of the way and provide the exact tools you need as you need to take your next step. He's an amazing listener and incredibly patient in your process. He also makes the journey together a ton of fun. 🙂
Cary is a person of integrity that you can trust 100%. He is a rare gem. If you're ready to make great changes in your life and are considering him as a coach ... I highly recommend you make the investment!
Kerry C., Kelowna, British Columbia, CAN.

I'd tell myself that you won't know what the future holds, without really trying. I trusted a complete stranger on Instagram who led a single dad's program. Although hesitant, I poured my heart out to Cary and I was chosen to participate in the program. He's provided wonderful analogies but most of all his TIME! In and out of our group sessions. Having no one to relate to, Cary and a fellow course mate were their for me. Bringing their experiences and issues to the forefront. In doing so, this built trust amongst us and Cary the program leader. It truly made me feel apart of something special. I've made a real friendship through this process and am truly grateful to have Cary in my corner!

Anthony C., Lakewood, New Jersey, USA.

I first met Cary through a Mastermind group that we were both in a little over a year ago. And over the months I got to know him to be a sincere man who is interested in helping others in any way that he can! When I found out that he too was divorced and has kids, I realized that we had so much in common, especially being that 2 of our kids are close in age. I already knew that he facilitated a group for Single/Divorced Dad's. So when Cary mentioned to me that he would be starting a group for Single/Divorced Mom's I knew it would be a great idea to be a part of it. Because even though I had already been divorced for almost 3 years by the time I joined the group, it was wonderful to get the support and understanding from the other single Moms in our group and I absolutely loved our discussions every week! And Cary brought us a wide range of topics from finances, relationships with my kids, dating again, self-care and various other topics. I am so grateful to Cary for his investment of time in our group and the way that he is willing to do whatever he can to help me! Thanks so much!

Laura R., Brentwood, California, USA.

There were a few things in my life that I didn’t like.  I hired Cary to help me figure out how to make them better.  Cary’s great energy helped me do just that.  I would highly recommend Cary to anyone wanting to change a few things in their life.  I was very happy with the outcome.

Velma S., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Cary is extremely well-versed in many different areas of life. He has plenty of years of experience in being a serial entrepreneur, a former bodybuilder, and knows a thing or two about relationships. He truly cares about helping you succeed and hitting your goals. He lives to serve others, which truly makes him an amazing coach that is accountable to his clients. I recommend Cary Kish Coaching and Consulting.

Michael C., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I highly recommend Coach Cary. I have had great results from just a couple sessions both in my personal life and in my side career as an artist. I have seen remarkable improvements after applied all the tools given to me by Cary. He has been very generous with his time and his main goal to serve others is what motivates him to coach. Cary truly cares about others and Is very passionate about helping them so if you are someone who is looking to hire a coach or a mentor whether its for your health, career or relationships, I recommend Cary Kish Coaching & Consulting.

Komal P., Fiji islands

I made the decision to bring Cary into my life as a COACH instead of just an occasional “consultant” and the results have been AMAZING so far.  Instead of just dealing with nutrition and workouts, he dove in and started dealing with some deeper things that have now resulted in a much stronger focus in all areas of my life.  He has helped me develop good habits and rituals that have in turn set me up for long-term success.  I am more focused, committed and mentally stronger than I’ve ever been.

Having a coach has changed me in such a good way.  Cary has a really amazing way of pushing me without breaking me and getting me to dig into areas of my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen or dealt with.  I firmly believe that everyone needs a “coach” or someone that can help them see areas that they cannot see themselves and be that accountability and motivational force in their lives.  Cary is that for me and I can see how his positive outlook and his personal experiences have driven him to a point where he can help others.  I highly recommend him and challenge anyone to give it a shot and see the results begin to unfold!

Steve P., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Making the decision to work with Cary was instrumental in finding direction and clarity in my life. His guidance and encouragement allowed me to step into the life I was looking at and admiring from a distance. Going through this coaching process with Cary on your side is the best decision you'll make.

Tony J., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

I have spent time researching what a good coach is as well as being coached for personal and professional development, so I feel I know what I need in a coach. Knowing Cary for as long as I have gives me even greater insight into his capabilities, his faults, and his strengths. Witnessing his ups and his downs are really what sets him apart from many educated coaches…his strength is he has experienced what life throws at you…the good and the bad and the ugly. A coach who knows pain, who knows joy and who knows sacrifice for his own personal development and his family, is one you want in your corner cheering you on.

Cary does a fantastic job of holding you accountable; not accountable to him, not accountable to some high and mighty aspiration…rather, accountable to yourself! He is wise beyond his years, intelligent and listens free from judgment and provides the knowledge to help you unpack the human “stuff” helping you explore, conquer, and finally arrive!

Kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and guidance. Given that, I could not more highly recommend Cary as a Life Coach and friend.

Lee H., Calgary, Alberta, Canada


We approached Cary about working with our children because we want to provide every advantage possible for them. Literally from the very first session, we observed immediate changes in their behaviour. Things that were often a battle like bedtime or what to eat became effortless. Expect to see improvements after each session for your child. We're working on making the changes stick. We couldn't recommend Cary highly enough.

K&J, Calgary, Alberta, Canada